Class Whore presents..

Received by email    In recognition of June 11, International Day of Solidarity with Long-term Anarchist Prisoners, Class Whore presents a fundraising extravaganza in support of street based sex workers! Cum be entertained by unapologetic punk cinema: Baise Moi and The Misandrists  Food! Film! Zines! Political prisoner support info packs! Raffles! (Bring coin 🙂 )… Continue reading Class Whore presents..

Class Whore at IRL Zine Fair

Received by email On Sunday 24 April 2022, a handful of motley whores, organised under the moniker (and literal banner) Class Whore, facilitated a hastily convened sex worker stall at the Incendium Radical Library and Collective Zine Fair. Class Whore purveyed a carefully curated selection of anarcho-whore zines exploring the sex worker movement from a… Continue reading Class Whore at IRL Zine Fair